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Who is Michael Naughton?

Michael's passion is coaching, in order to empower others to discover their own interests, strengths, and paths forward.  Collaborating with a coach allows you to talk and explore what's holding you back, what you are really looking for in life and options for reaching your goals!  Coaching begins with an exploratory session which allows you and your potential coach to confirm alignment for an ongoing partnership. 


Michael brings an array of experience and skills to his coaching practice.   Professionally, he has an extensive coaching background including as an assessor and facilitator who has guided many others to become new or better leaders.  A strong foundation in human resources and training development affords Michael's clients the assurance that he is an expert at active listening and supporting others in their desire to grow and learn. 


Michael,  like most of us, has experienced the highs and lows of life.  Being a Dad to six children, going through a divorce and coming out as a gay man in his forties presented many opportunities to learn and grow.  The result is a resilient coach who is transparent, empathetic and focused on his clients.

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