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About Coach

Michael Naughton

Coach Michael is an experienced professional who focuses on empowering individuals in the LGBTQ community through coaching.  Michael dedicates much of his time to coaching middle to mature aged LGBTQ individuals who are thinking about planning for retirement, considering their next opportunities, and preparing for life's transitions. 


Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure or unfulfilled.  Let Michael help you learn and develop ways to handle what is standing in the way of your goals.  Get in touch today to see what Michael help you to live your best life!


What is Coaching?

Provides the assistance of someone who is non-judgmental, an active-listener, and prepared to think creatively to help you make your life more manageable and enjoyable!

What is the Core Energy Process?

The Core Energy Process empowers you to tap into those purposes and passions that when connected to outer goals may bring about extraordinary results.

Coaching from the 'inside out'

Based on the belief that true change starts within, coaching from the 'inside out' helps you to connect with your core thoughts and emotions.

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